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i need a cuddle buddy, must be ok with listening to my music and spending 13 hours in bed together


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"Now, before we start, I would like to ask you who is your favorite guest star on Glee under 5 feet tall - perhaps a blonde person…"

"Uh, God, that’s a tough one. Um, I’d have - uh, gosh… I’d have to say Kristin Chenoweth."

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look at this thing i got at the airport when leaving germany

it’s a giant tic tac box filled with tiny tic tac boxes


what you said was very sweet and means a lot to me but i am incapable of properly responding in any way besides “thank you so much aaaah” because i do not know how to accurately express the exact level of my gratitude to where you completely understand how much what you said meant to me without me getting even more emotional and looking like a fucking nerd: an autobiography


Happy #TimberlakeTuesday



Do you ever watch videos of your favorite band and you just get this feeling in your chest and all you can think is “holy shit I love you guys”



The Making of a Timberlake Selfie| #JT2020Tour in Boston, MA | TD Garden Arena | 7/19/14


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I want to cry omg he’s so fucking perfect